Monday, July 30, 2012

Trigonometry Unit Circle Fun - Made4Math!

I am always looking for ways to find artsy activities to use in math class, and this year I found this one that I used in the trigonometry unit of my pre-calculus class. I totally stole it from someone else, and tweaked it a bit, but the kids really enjoyed it, and it helped them see the reference angle relationships better. Plus, we did it right around Christmas, so my room was full of colorful trig ornaments! Our final products looked like this:

Here is the link for the instructions

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Okay, here goes...
Since apparently you are all "school supply junkies" I have to put in my plug for Staples. At the one near my home, right when you walk in the door there are these bins of goodies at amazing prices. Sharpies in 4 packs for a buck, same for highlighters, etc. This last time I went in they had these...
for 50 cents a pack! Limit of four (bummer) so I bought my four, went outside, gave my daughter $5 and sent her in for more. Did the same the next day. It has become the excitement of the week (almost) to hit Staples on Monday morning and see what goodies are there for cheap!

And then I'm going to hot glue these to the ends as erasers (which I got from somebody's blog a few weeks ago) and ta-da! Hopefully enough dry erase markers to keep my classes busy at least until December!

(Thanks for pressuring me into doing this, my new twitter buddies!)