Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Call Tech Support!

So its the first day of class, and I tell the kids to start up their computers and direct them to the website address.

"My computer says it can't access the internet"
"I don't have a mouse"
"My browser keeps shutting down"


Stupid Mac Lab!  I get the impression that
a) the usual photography teacher protects the mac lab like its his secret hideout and doesn't want anyone poking around
b) our tech support team (its one very nice lady!) is a PC person

The PC lab has the newest version of photoshop, but I can't use it right now.  The mac lab is cooler... or at least it would be if all the computers could access the internet or functioned properly.

So, day one was a bit of a flop.  Plus only about a third of the kids actually had their cameras with them so my "Spend the rest of class taking pictures" didn't even apply to everyone.  Oh boy.

Its day one, it will get better.  At least the kids seemed mostly happy to see

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