Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day Two

Much better day today.  Mr Photo updated the fancy computers so I could actually let students use them.  (Gasp!  What heresy!)  His student teacher seemed a bit frazzled at being thrown to the wolves, but I assured her that I probably knew less about photography than she did, and was pretty sure I could muddle through just fine.  Told her I'd pass along any treasures I found to her.

Most kids had cameras and pictures, so we spent a lot of time setting up folders and passing around the two cheap-o card readers I picked up at Walmart.  Then I showed them a couple little tips to get them started in Photoshop and let them go.  Let a few go out to take pictures, and they came back right when they were supposed to.  Everyone was on task, working, playing with photoshop.  Seems like a successful day to me.

Except the one poor girl who got really frustrated and went and sat in a comfy chair halfway through class.  Asked her about it at the end of class and she blamed it on her period coming.  Lol.  Don't know if I ever would have admitted such a thing to my high school teachers.  I'll have to remember to sit down with her tomorrow and see if we can't figure some stuff out together.

Good day!

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