Sunday, August 19, 2012

High School Math Blog - Homework Policies

Homework - what a struggle! Do you grade it, or not? Do you collect it? How does it fit into SBG? Get 10 teachers in a room and they'll have 10 different policies for it. Check out these entries below and see what others are doing to deal with this difficult issue.

Next Week's Topic - Organization! We all need more. Share what has worked for you!

Blog Posts:

Nora Oswald, @noraoswald   My View on Homework

Remi Smith, @reminoodle   Homework Quizzes

Terrance Banks @tbanks06   The Homework/Classwork Issue

Stephanie, @msmac622   Homework Policies

Erin, @ewade4   Homework

Josiah @mcdanieljosiah What to Do About Homework

Carol Leonard @carol_leonard Homework Dilemmas

Kathryn Laster @msKLaster Homework Contemplations

Lauren @laurendereche  Homework Policy

Haydee @mathymissc Ah, Homework!

Alicia Stien @aliciastien It's Due TOMORROW

Sandra Miller @sandramiller_tx My Homework Philosophy and Policy

Elissa Miller @misscalcul8 Renaming Homework

Want to add your Homework post to this list? We'd love to hear more voices on this!

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