Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Master Schedule... Finally!

This afternoon I finally got a look at the "final" master schedule. My lovely sections this year are 1st & 6th period Geometry, 4th and 5th period Algebra 2, and 2nd period AP Calculus AP. The Alg 2 and Calc I was sure about, but I was really hoping to have some miracle happen and get Pre-Calc instead of Geometry.

Not that I mind Geometry. I taught it the year before last and it was pretty fun. But I did have 4 preps last year. This year I have three, but two of them are new at this school. Oh well, shrug it off. I have Calc. That makes me happy.

I have so many ideas that I want to do this year that it is a bit overwhelming. I really want to try the interactive notebooks, but it feels like too much with two new preps, one being AP.

My students last year said "More projects!" so I am determined to have group work/activities at least once a week in each class. They moved out my all-in-one desks and replaced them with tables (Hooray!) so that should be a good start.

I am going to stick to my guns on the retake policy. Yes, you have to do all the work and reteaching before you can assess again. No, you can't "pop in" today and take a test, you needed to sign up ahead of time. And ABSOLUTELY none of this: I'm not ready to take this test today, I'll take it next week. (Who is in charge here!)

And I have got to keep my management under control. I act like I'm afraid to let a kid get in trouble. One warning, then they're out and I call home. If I've got 33 other kids working, I can't let that one distract them all.

Easy peasy, huh?

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