Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shout Out to High School Math Teachers!

This is a shameless rip-off from Julie Reulbach's post here: http://bit.ly/Qbo9eK. She compiled an amazing list of first day/first week of school activities for middle school math teachers. Got some really cool ideas from these posts (I read every single one) and thought it would be great to construct a list for high school math teachers! So, here goes...

What does your first day/week of school look like?

Once you finish your blog post tweet me at @Carol_Leonard with the hashtag #hssunfun and I will publish a compilation of the blog posts on Sunday so we can all read them!

You don't need to wait until Sunday to post, and I will try to keep this updated so feel free to jump in anytime. It doesn't need to be a new post either, so feel free to submit a past post.

If you're not on twitter, just leave the link to your post in the comments section below, and I will add you in too!

Even easier, follow this link to submit your post.

Don't have a blog? No problem! Follow this link and scroll down for easy instructions to add your post. We want to hear as many voices as possible!

Let's see what amazing stuff you all are doing!

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