Monday, December 14, 2009

Catching Up

So, whats happened in the last week?

Well, the two snow days were excellent.

Then darling daughter smashed up her car.  Not her fault (of course).  All ok, and car was drivable, but now has new problem rendering it non-op.  Back to mommy driving her to school.  How cute.

Next day, a nice big rock jumped in front of my car, loosened from its hillside home by the thawing ice and snow.  Got to walk about a mile in the dark, pouring rain, to where darling daughter was waiting for a ride.  Now my car is non-op.

Had quite the adventure waiting for the tow truck to come next day.  (Note to self... tow truck guy needs car key!)

Christmas Play at church... awesome.  Other darling daughter was the head angel and darling son was a shepherd.  A sleepy shepherd who yawned through the whole thing.

Picked up rental car today, and then shopped till I dropped.  How is it that I used to love hanging out at the mall?  Its a terrible, inhuman, hot place.  Ick.

Younger daughters birthday is this Friday and its always an effort, a week before Christmas, to do it up right.  Slumber party.  Oh yeah.  Bring it on!

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